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OpenWinForms is a open source website for windows forms and controls. Here you can find windows controls and libraries for free. This is a non-commercial open source web site. This site mainly focuses on Microsoft technologies e.g. Microsoft .net,, etc. You may use these for any commercial or non-commercial purpose for free, however you cannot sell them directly or by modifying.

For any question or feedback contact site admin:


- Concatenate colums's data in sql query

- Drawing line patterns in GDI+

- Adding Row Number to SQL SELECT result

- Add designer support to Label for a better UI designer

- Run exe from Html - using custom URL Protocol

- True Single instance application - WinForms.NET



- Vista style Progress bar (Vista Controls - I)

- Extended header panel control - Outlook style

- Digital display control in C#.Net using GDI+

- Creating cool gradient Panel in Winform - .NET (Using GDI+)

- Infinite progress bar with transparency support - Stylish progess bar control

- Office 2007 style Color Picker control - Using .NET WinForms

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