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  Concatenate colums's data in sql query
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May time we need column?s data into a single row from a database table. This is easy to do if we are doing this at application level. However this could also be done in a sql query. Let?s take an example.

Suppose we have a table for "Fruits":

FruitId      FruitName
1001         Apple
1002         Orange
1003         Mango
1004         Banana
1005         Grape

Now my need is to show all fruits in a single row separated by comma (,). One commonly used approach is to fetch all rows and concatenate data into out application
while (dr.Read())
  fruitNames += dr["FruitName"] + ",";

We can do the same thing in a Sql Server Query also

DECLARE @fruitNames VARCHAR(8000) 
SELECT @fruitNames = COALESCE(@fruitNames + ', ', '') + FruitName FROM Fruits
SELECT FruitNames = @fruitNames

Apple, Orange, Mango, Banana, Grape

The COALESCE function is used to ensure that there is no comma (,) after the last FruitName.
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