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  Run exe from Html - using custom URL Protocol
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Sometimes there is a business need of integrating you windows application with your web application in a manner that you can directly invoke your windows application from the web application with custom parameters.

e.g. in yahoo, you can directly open the message windows of a user from web site by clicking on "Send IM".

run exe from javascript

How this works?

To achieve we need to implement register a custom URL Protocol for our application. This mainly involves registry entries. Let?s take one example. Suppose we want to open our .net application with custom parameters from a web application. First of all chose a URL protocol. Let it be "Owf". Following are the registry entries we need to ensure:
@="URL: Owf Protocol"
"URL Protocol"=""



@="\"C:\\Program Files\\Owf\\OwfTest.exe\" %1"
Once the above entries are added we can safely use the protocol "Owf".

e.g. <a href="Owf:OpenForm?id=111">Open Owf Form</a> [ Open Owf Form - 111 ]

Whenever above link is clicked, this will invoke our windows application stored at registry entry [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Owf\shell\open\command].

Handling in .NET application

Always check whether the URL protocol is registered before at application start
public const string UrlProtocol = "Owf";
public static void RegisterUrlProtocol()
  RegistryKey rKey = Registry.ClassesRoot.OpenSubKey(UrlProtocol, true);
  if (rKey == null)
    rKey = Registry.ClassesRoot.CreateSubKey(UrlProtocol);
    rKey.SetValue("", "URL: Owf Protocol");
    rKey.SetValue("URL Protocol", "");

    rKey = rKey.CreateSubKey(@"shell\open\command");
    rKey.SetValue("", "\"" + Application.ExecutablePath + "\" %1");
  if (rKey != null)

Check for URL parameters
private static bool CheckForProtocolMessage()
  string[] arguments = Environment.GetCommandLineArgs();
  if (arguments.Length > 1)
    // Format = "Owf:OpenForm?id=111"
    string[] args = arguments[1].Split(':');
    if (args[0].Trim().ToUpper() == "Owf" && args.Length > 1)
    { // Means this is a URL protocol
      string[] actionDetail = args[1].Split('?');
      if (actionDetail.Length > 1)
          case "OPENFORM":
            string[] details = actionDetail[1].Split('=');
            if (details.Length > 1)
              string id = details[1].Trim();
              // perform desire action
              return true;
  return false;
Add above calls in Main function
static void Main()
  // Register the client protocol for invoking the client
  // from a web page link
  // Check protocol message
  // Rest logic...

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